Voodoo Pool League Code of Conduct


Winner_1 month (8+ entered) 
Winner_15 days (7- entered) 

Runner up_15 Days (8+ entered) 
Runner up_8 Days (7- entered) 

Most 5+ runs_8 days (8+ entered) 

**Prizes to be claimed within 7 days or be forfeited no exceptions** 

Email [email protected] 

1. NAME CHANGES Only 1 Voodoo account per Voodoo member and the name must be spelled the same as your iPool account. Members caught having TWO or more accounts and not informing Admin could be banned from The Voodoo Pool League. This does not include staff members of specific rules to myleague. If you would like to change your name, it is allowed by going to the Voodoo Pool Home page, HERE by signing in and going to 'my account' and simply changing your current name. Admin can change your current name as well, should you need assistance. This will allow you to keep your current Voodoo ranking and stats. Changing names is also useful when one iPool account is used for Pro table and another for Standard table and different game types.. Should you just want to remove yourself from Voodoo (losing ranking and stats) and then creating a new Voodoo account, starting fresh, this is allowed. Removing yourself can be found in 'my account' as well and then going to the Free sign-up page, Here and creating your new account. Voodoo Admin can assist you, should you need help. If you have more than ONE account, please inform Voodoo Admin and they can assist you in making necessary changes.

PLAYERS HAVE 3 MINUTES after start time of Tourneys to start the match or will be disqualified (d/q'd) UNLESS your opponent agrees to give you more time. The 3 min rule also applies to showing up to matches thruout the tourney. During matches, forfieting is allowed should an opponene d/c and not get back within the 2 min pop up for forfieting your opponent.

3. Harassing TD's or Voodoo/iPool members, badmouthing Voodoo or iPool is not Tolerated and could lead to a being put in the penalty box or a ban from the Voodoo Pool League and possibly iPool as well. Voodoo Staff and Voodoo/Pool League/iPool members are not to be booted unless allowed by a TD because of the booted players actions on a table. Private tables are not allowed. If you need assistance regarding this rule, you must talk to the TD or a Admin/Moderator if necessary. Only Voodoo staff  can authorize Private tables should they feel it necessary.

4. Higher Rated players that appear to withdraw from tourneys when paired with a low rated player may end up in the Penalty Box or banned from Voodoo Pool League.5. "A.S.A.P" on standings page, in between players names, does not mean that you can join a table "A.S.A.P". You have to wait until the TD tells you who to invite. The opponent must wait until the host of the table invites them before joining the table. All tables are to be played on "Protected Table" and all invites are to be turned on.

6. TOC (Tournament of Champions) is usually only open to the winners of past Voodoo Pool League winners.. Admin reserves the right to open these tourney's to all Voodoo Pool League members. The prize/codes, paid out, are at the discretion of the host/td and can be determined by the number of entrants and type of tournament.

7. To apply to become a Tournament Director you have to be 15 years of age and have not been banned or had any serious warnings within the last 6 months. TD Application

8. Anyone with a red name (Caught Cheating), at Admin's discretion , could be banned from joining Voodoo Tourneys until the red name has been removed. Player should talk to an Admin before joining any Voodoo Pool League tourney's, once receiving the red name.

9.  iPool banned players, will need to ask an Admin if another iPool registered name they own, would be allowed to change names with their banned iPool account/current Voodoo account to enter Voodoo Pool League tourney's. 

10. iPool Permanent banned players will have their Voodoo Pool League account removed or put in the Penalty Box. Should the permanent banned player be allowed back on the game, an email MUST be sent to [email protected] asking to be allowed to join the Voodoo Pool League again.. 11. The same rules of iPool Tourneys, Elite & Prize tourney's, as well, apply to all Voodoo Pool Tourneys.Please note that these are the generic rules for all play in Voodoo Snooker League.

At the start of each Tourney the TD will relay additional rules if necessary.

iPool Terms of Service (TOS) apply in Voodoo Pool League as well. Terms of Service